NORDLYS is an artist collective and a festival that sits at the intersection of contemporary artistic ideas and Nordic dance identity. Headed by dance artists My Grönholdt (SE), Julie Rasmussen (NO) and Tine Østergaard (DK), they work as curators, artistic directors and producers for the NORDLYS collective. NORDLYS maximizes its home of Copenhagen as an artistic hub of emerging talent by curating a new Nordic festival for innovative, artistic and experimental dance performances.

The annual NORDLYS Festival curates short performances from a new generation of Nordic choreographers and stage works for a traveling performance in urban space. Nordlys examines the Nordic identity and Nordic trends in culture, nature and society and how they are reflected in our body and aesthetics. Nordlys is an platform for new choreographers where they can expose their art and participate in networking across countries. Nordlys challenges the Danish audience with a young international performance program of high artistic quality.

NORDLYS festivals have been running since 2014. It gathers young Nordic dance artists to build, expose, challenge and further develop the Nordic identity in the Danish dance community. The festivals are characterised by artists and the audience interacting with the performance site that explores space, art and dynamism that create a unique experience.

Since 2016 they have started to collaborate with P-NOISE, and created an festival edition in Manila with nordic and local artists. In the future they will present nordic choreography in Denmark and abroad.