NORDLYS / P-noise Research trip in Manila

We have been supported by the Danish Art council to go to Manila for a research trip to be able to create Manila VOL. 2.
By sending Ray Roa from P-noise and Julie Rasmussen from NORDLYS they will meet up with new and old collaborators, scout for locations and be inspired to create a new cultural meeting point for Nordic and Filipino artists.

Day 10

Last day – Travel day. We had a inspiring and productive trip to Manila. We met up with so many people – artists of different kind, collaborators and venue managers. We saw new locations every day and have a lot of places and artists to present to the artistic board back home. We can´t wait to create a festival where Nordic and Filipino art can meet, and artists can exchange.

Skjermbilde 2018-06-25 kl. 18.17.01

Skjermbilde 2018-06-25 kl. 18.17.15

We have experienced how extremely slow the traffic in this city can be, so we will aim to stay in one area, and use these lovely tricycles for transportation if necessary.

Day 9

Meeting with Julia Nebrija – about the ferry through Pasig River. She is working project based for the goverment to create project by the river.

Meeting with the minister of Intramuros. They will give us all the venues for free, and help to organize the spaces.

Location scouting
A open space on the second floor of a bar – right around the corner from our hostel. This is the place Tangel had his music festival last year.



Day 8

Meeting with the NCCA (Art council in Manila)
Meeting with with the owner and programers of Z-hostel and the Ruins





The Ruins (at day) – Same place as below, just without people




Day 7

Meeting with Leeroy and Eisa in their artist working space in Escolta. Potential location




Potential Walking speakers costume??




Locations on the ground floor



The grand tour in Intramuros

Pics coming!

Day 6

Meeting with artists and evening location scouting.

FullSizeRender (14)
DJ / sound designer Tengal – Potential artist for the festival

We met with the owners of the Ruins, the Appartment and Z-hostel. They showed us around in their buildings and we found the Ruins specially interesting as a venue. It has two floors, where the first floor has a stage, the second floor could work as a gallery and the outside area could work for concert or hangout. We will also try to organize a meeting where the place is empty.

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Day 5

We went to see Russ Lightas performance The MADAME B. NIYAAN Ex(o)rcise for the Abandoned in his own bedroom. He has been working on this character since he was 18.


Day 4

We went to the restaurant Van Gogh i bipolar to celebrate Daniels birthday and to meet the owner Jetro Rafael. He turned his own house into a restaurant and an art space, where he serve delicious food in artistic surroundings, where you will experience live music, have to choose food after your mood and hear touching and personal stories about Jetro himself and the other people who work there. The place is surrounded with love, art and healthy food, and Jetro himself would like to create a fundraiser day, where all the income could go to our festival, where he will cock and sell artwork.

IMG_1867 (1)
See a short film of his space here:

FullSizeRender (5)

Day 3

We started the day with a really inspiring and productive meeting with André and Jodee who organize Manila Fringe. We will be under their umbrella of Manila Fringe in the end of February 2019!!
They sent us on a tricycle tour, where we got to see a lot of potential locations in the area of Poblacion. They have done a great job of cleaning up spaces and integrating the local community on their festival.

Plaza – in the front of Sts. Peter and Paul Parish church.

Poblacion Park

Museo NG Makati

Covert Court – A basketball court

Pasig River – A river that count bring us from Makati to Intramuros by boat

A local basketball court close to Pineapple Lab

Filling Station – American diner

In the evening we went to see Carlos P. Celdrans performance: Living La viva Imelda, in The Mirror Studio Theatre. This could also be a potential blackbox we could use.
FullSizeRender (4)

Day 2

Meeting with Jan Top Christensen, the danish Ambassador in Manila.

With the Queen in the waiting room at the Danish Embassy in Manila.


FullSizeRender (2)
In the evening we went to an exhibition in Archivo Artspace, where our collaborator Carlos P. Celdrans where one of the artist to show their work. We met up with a lot of potential collaborators, artists and sound designers / technicians.

Day 1


6th of June
We arrived in hot Manila, where we met up with our local bodyguards (Ray´s cousins) and got to our hostel Lub d, which is in the heart of Manila. This could definitely work as a good place for the artists to stay, if we choose locations in this area. It´s light and clean rooms, and a nice meeting point in the lobby with food drinks and a big meeting room. There will also soon be a rooftop restaurant!

Lub D Hostel