How to be/loved – Perspectives (DK)

HVORNÅR: Kl. 20.00 – 21.00 (med artist talk)
HVOR: Forsøgs stationen – Sønder Blvd. 81, 1720 København V

The piece deals with the complexity of family relations and how contradictory they can be. Wanting to be close, and not. Wanting the other family members to take part of ones life, and not. Maybe the most intriguing contradiction is how difficult it can be to receive love, when this is what we want and need the most. Whenever a situation between the two performers rethink what they were certain of just a minute ago. The movement and text are complementing, and sometimes contradicting, each other creating an intriguing and complex expression.

Choreographer: Antoinette Helbing

Dancers: Sofia Karlsson, Jan Vesala

Composer: Christoph Scherbaum

Supported by the sound score that travels around the audience in a four channel mix